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The Art of Living Creatively
At the end of 2017 Apex Arts, working in collaboration with Plymouth & District Mind, completed a two-year singing/songwriting, creative arts and performance project in Plymouth, funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, for people with autism/learning disabilities and/or mental health issues. We are currently seeking funding to continue and expand the project in Cornwall.

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ALC Plymouth
ALC Plymouth

Outside Open
In the first half of 2017 Apex Arts ran an exciting new art project offering a number of workshops with artists based at Krowji studios in Redruth (www.krowji.org.uk). This project helped develop participants' art into framed pictures, prints, handmade books, t-shirts, etc which were put on display for 5 days at a special exhibition at Cornwall Open Studios at the end of May.

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Outside Open

In Our Own Time at The Future Project, the second Inland Art Festival
Redruth, October 21st-23rd, 2016

In Our Own Time

In October 2016 Apex Arts took part in the second Inland Arts Festival in Redruth, Cornwall. This contemporary art exhibition, entitled The Future Project was “a platform for weird and wonderful futures”. Taking part in various situations throughout Redruth, it worked with local residents, artists, academics and musicians, using architecture, environment, social and cultural references to create a 3-day vision of alternative futures around Redruth.

The Apex Arts contribution featured an exhibition, procession and performance around the theme of ‘In Our Own Time’ and was the culmination of a five-week arts project made possible through support from the RTR Foundation and Baily Thomas Charitable Fund, Specialist Crafts, Krowji Studios and The Inland Arts Festival. Read more about the project here

“Apex was the apex of my festival experience on Saturday. Brilliant performance of inspiring music and art. Congratulations and thank you!“

The People's Pylon

Above: The People's Pylon

Past Projects 2011-2015
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